A wide view of a beach with pieces of driftwood laying on the sand. Here a log will be chosen to become the doorway of the plant covered structure The log chosen off a beach to become the arched doorway to the structure laid out on a wood saw horse
Close up of man in orange hard hat cutting a smooth light colored drift wood log in half
Man in orange hard hat using a chain saw to cut a shapely very smooth driftwood log in half
Close up of the inside of a recently cut driftwood log which will become the arched doorway to the structure
Setting up the room at the garden show with a wall of plywood not yet packed with plants and large stepping stones on plastic lining the floor prior to filling with water Straight on view of the orange arched door of the plant covered structure with 4 large stepping stone through the water up to the front door
Close up of plant-covered wall and blue slat window with the same height potted plants along the bottom edge of the building
Corner view of building structure showing the different textures and deep green colors of the plants
Setting up the plant-covered room at the Garden Show Close up of side of plant covered structure showing depth of colors and textures
Side view of room with wall embedded with plants and skinny blue slat windows surrounded by water
Room with an orange arched door and four walls embedded with plants surrounded by water